Thursday 29 October 2020

Busy morning

 We've finally had the return of the party wall surveyors round the house this morning, we spotted a crack down the side of our house around a month ago which wasn't there when the building works started on the property next door a year ago.

The original survey was done before works started and mentioned no cracks.  The surveyor now needs to go back and look through photos before providing feedback as to whether the damage was directly the cause of next door's builders.  

If it is then they will have to fix, however we've now lost all trust with them so will ask for money instead.  Fingers crossed we should have something by the end of next week.

In addition to this we've had another meeting with our architect Phil.  Here he showed us his final drawings with the proposed extension and internal walls removed. We should get these back in a few days so will post them up here then.  It's nice to feel a little bit of progress.

Now to speak to next door about our plans...

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