Wednesday 7 October 2020

Off twitter

Some friends recently recommended watching Social Dilemma (Netflix) and have now decided to stop using Twitter.  I'm not too worried about my information getting used it's more down to the social manipulation tactics they use to entice you to interact.  

I wouldn't say I use twitter that often anyway, but it has become part of my morning ritual when I wake up.

  • Wake up
  • Check football gossip
  • Check other sport news
  • Check BBC news
  • Check twitter
I stopped using Instagram a few weeks back and Facebook a couple of years ago.

I think WhatsApp is the only one left.  But I think i'll keep it for a little while as I don't think I can go back to text messages just yet.

I will miss the funny cat videos, videos of people hurting themselves due to their own stupidity but not much else really.

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