Monday 26 October 2020

Back to work

But already thinking about my next holiday.  Or more precisely when will I go on holiday again.

I've got just less than 3 months to go on my current contract and other than 3 bank holidays that will be it for me as I can't see us going away anywhere between now and mid January.  I think we were lucky that neither Kent or the Hampshire were in a high risk area as we'd have to had cancelled.  

As it was, we had to have a strange arrangement where although 7 of us went on holiday, only 6 were in the accommodation at any one time.  The parents (except April) had to timeshare to keep to the rule of 6.I had 2 days off (the kids), one with the dog, the other visiting a work friend.  The other parents each had a night in a hotel to themselves.  It did work out in the end but was a little convoluted.

There's no sign of covid restrictions lightening up anytime soon so doubt we'll be booking anywhere within the next 6 months.  If I remain fully employed the extra money is nice but I think we will all still need a break.  Another consideration is April goes back to work in February so may want to get her feet back under the table before we take a proper break.

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