Friday 18 December 2020

Podcast backlog

I haven't listened to a podcast for over a month now, it feels strange as they were a staple entertainment before that.

I can put it down to a few things.

Walking the dog:  I used to go for a walk after dropping Flo off in the morning and that was an ideal time to catch up on any podcast that i'd downloaded that day.  I still go for a walk but now with the dog.  I've got to pay attention to the dog so that it doesn't do anything it shouldn't but also I find myself actually talking to people along the way.  There's never a walk without someone stopping to give Arwen a pat on the head, I find it awkward constantly taking earphones out.

Audible: I started using audible again when the new Alan Partridge audiobook came out, and continued with some old D&D books, so when I do get a chance I listen to them.

Beyondpod:  I was fed up with the app I was using, it was great 10 years ago when I first used it but I think they just stopped developing it and it felt tired.

I dread to think how many decent ones i'm missing out on, maybe i'll go back to it in the new year...

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