Tuesday 1 December 2020

I don't really miss the commute

 I received a Whatsapp message from Shaheen this morning about Shaheen being envious of people that didn't have to commute.  

I sent him this

It still takes me an hour but I don't have to sit next to an overly fat person that decides to sit in the middle of a 3.

He says that his trains have been getting progressively busier each week.  My team is due to go into London next week for a get together but I told them I would not be able to as i'm in tier 3.  It would have been okay if I said no anyway but it's nice to have a little back up.  It would cost me money too and i'd rather not do that.

We've also just had it confirmed at work that tier 3 staff are not allowed in the office till March so that's nice too.  I doubt i'll ever meet my team in person.

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