Monday, 29 November 2021

Little git

 Arthur finally broke my tablet.  He was playing with that and my phone and decided he wanted to smash it.  So he did.

One anonymous person put a crack in it a year ago (could be human, could be animal), but they haven't confessed.

It's been at the back of my mind to get a new one anyway due to the crack but as it worked perfectly fine I was sensible and decided to wait till it properly broke.  The same for my surface pro and mobile.

I did some quick research and decided on a samsung s6 lite.  The previous was a s4, the latest is a s7.  Arthur was asleep and Flo and April were busy making Christmas decorations so I popped to Curry's to get one.  Itwas pretty busy, I guess people were trying to get a black Friday deal (on Sunday), I must have been there for 15 mins waiting to be seen by someone so that they could get the box out of the cage and for me to pay for it but nothing.  I walked out and ordered it online.

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