Monday, 8 November 2021

Well, that was an expensive weekend!

 It was our 10th wedding anniversary last Friday so thanks to some lovely friends we were able to head into London for the weekend without the kids.  Incidentally that was the first time we've both had more than an evening away from the kids since Florence was born 4 years ago!

There was not much of a plan except eating and drinking.  First stop

Tom Kerridge's restaurant Kerridge's Bar and Grill

He'd kindly left a happy anniversary card.

Next was Bob Bob Ricard, a Russian restaurant with a button in each booth that simply states Press for Champagne.

Saturday we went to Clos Maggiore, this is the restaurant April took me on our 6 month going out anniversary.  We've also taken Steve and Jen there as a thankyou for paying for our flights out to Las Vegas for their wedding.

Tome of wine

7 cheese selection with some port. Don't mind if I do.

In the evening we went to J Sheekey

We stayed in a lovely hotel just 50m from Soho Square, Hazlitts, it was a 18th century town house.  We thought we managed to get quite a cheap deal considering the location, unfortunately what we thought was payment for the whole weekend, it turned out to be for each night.  Whoops!
The throne room

Other highlights included finding a replacement to the Crobar.

Some kind of monster turned it into this!

My new favourite bar in that end of town is Bradley's Spanish Bar, i'd been a couple of times before really enjoyed it's free jukebox.

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