Tuesday 17 May 2022


 I managed to download my step counter data from Samsung Health but it was in a pretty poor state to easily manipulate and make sense of.  I'm sure it all makes sense to proper developers but I didn't have the time or inclination to sort it out.  In the end I went old school and typed out the data.

I'm not that fussed about daily data, more interested in trends so just copied out the monthly data for steps and distance going back to September 2016.  That must be when I first started using Samsungs.

Any way here are the highlights...

Here's average daily steps per month.  Below is the same but with each year split by month.

I've been really upping my game this year.  It coincides with me being consistently the lightest i've been for 10+ years.  If I walk the dog and take Flo to school in the morning i've already done 12k steps before work.  I've then got to pick up Flo or Arthur in the evening which is another 3k minimum.  If April's in town and getting back late / staying over i've got to do a second dog walk and pick up another child.

Weekends are low as we struggle taking the dog out as much as we'd like as it's tough sometimes juggling two kids at the same time but once they're a bit older and easier to manage things will improve.

Interesting stats
Last year I stepped  4.6m times
Mid way through May i've already done more than a million steps more than at the same point last year.
Last year I recorded 3,490 km
I'm currently averaging 12.9km per day in 2022, it was 6.2km in 2016

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