Wednesday 11 August 2004

Adam Aston perhaps...

Cat forces down plane

A plane was forced back to earth after a bad-tempered cat attacked the pilot.

Gin was traveling to a cat show when he escaped from his cage after his owner fell asleep.

He found his way into the cockpit, where he took an instant dislike to the co-pilot, reports Sky News.

The cat was "very aggressive and scratched the co-pilot", forcing the crew to return to the airport, a SN Brussels spokesman said.

The plane, carrying 62 people from Brussels to Vienna, had been in the air for 20 minutes when it was forced to turn back.

The passengers were put on another flight to Vienna, without the cat and its owner, who had to take a separate flight there.

The only pilot I know that people take a instant dislike to is Adam. Only kidding mate, if you every stumble across this message. Just reminiscing about our night out in Deptford.

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