Thursday 12 August 2004

Perminant bad luck, what a numb nuts!

I got home last night with a new found purpose. I decided to throw out everything I no longer needed and have a huge room rearranging session.

Although hard work, after about 2 hours I was nearly finished and was very satisfied with my rooms new look.

All I had to do was put another couple more things under my bed and I was done.

I pulled my bed away from the wall a couple of cm and then I saw with horror that my new mirror was falling silently in slow motion towards the vacuum cleaner.

I must have missed it by about 1 or 2 cm. With a loud smash my mirror was no more.

In the heat of the moment it is hard to recollect exactly what I said, but I think you all have reasonable levels of imagination so will leave it there.

It's actually the 2nd mirror i've broken in that room.

Does it mean that I now have permanent bad luck or does the 2nd mirror counter act the previous 7 years from the last one?

Update: 1/17

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