Thursday 12 August 2004


Hi Guys

What are you up to on the bank holiday weekend of the 28th?

Seeing as it looks as though we're no longer going on holiday for the week following the weekend of the 28th, I'm thinking of having a get together down in London for a day or two instead. Ross has pulled out saying he can't get the time off plus may struggle with money and Ben says that he'd struggle to pay for it too.

It's my birthday on the 31st so wanted to do something for that. It's also the bank holiday weekend.

I'm now free all weekend so fancy doing something.

I think Ben's busy on the Sunday, some crappy naming ceremony (created by Clinton Cards).

The current plan is to go to a few bars in Greenwich on the Monday night. It'd be great if you could all make it. Of course that would mean taking the Tuesday off from work to recover.

Let me know how you're all fixed.


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