Friday 20 July 2007

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I met my 'new' land lady last night. She wanted to meet me and I wanted to have another look round the flat so we met up after work.

She seemed very nice, very talkative, but very nice all the same. All that's left now is the formality of getting my references approved. Which according to the letting agent take up to 4 days (so Monday max), then me transfering over another £2700. Already paid £280 so £3k just to move in! The lease on my current place runs out on the 3rd but this place is

It's a great flat though, and to my surprise, the sofa, is in fact a sofa bed, so Ian and Ben can spoon to their hearts delight when they come down to visit.

Other details about the flat.

Street and house

It's on a nice and wide tree lined street, 5 minutes walk from the tube. The house is a big old 4 story Victorian building that's been split into 4 flats. I have the first floor.

Living room

The living room is big with nice big windows overlooking the street. It has a fire place but I don't think you're allowed to use it in London. i.e. I could move the flat to another location then use it.

It has lots of storage and plenty of room for my lcd.


The kitchen is small but new and is just off from the living room. Again it has loads of storage place so at least I have the option to keep the place tidy.


The bathroom is large and has what looks like a decent shower. I hate testing things like that. The way I see it, if you test one thing, you have to test everything. Taps for water pressure, gas hobs, plug fittings. Why stop there? Why not have a big dump in the toilet to test its flush? To save embarrassment I decided not to check the shower.


The bedroom is again big and overlooks the garden (I don't have access), it has recessed built in wardrobes which I have stupidly said that April can store 'some' of her clothes in. In English to Australian translation that will mean dumping all of her winter clothes round mine.

Overall i'm very pleased with it. It’s expensive but my plan is to stay for a year and in the last 3-4 months of the 12 month lease start looking for a place to buy.

I’m paying £1150 per month, I think that can get me a decent sized mortgage.

I think I’ll be having a house warming over my birthday weekend (31st August). Ben, you’ve confirmed the Friday as Eagles of Death Metal are playing. Ian, can you make it? We’ve got six tickets.


So hurry if you want it. The house warming will be on the 1st September. I think that’s enough rant and nonsense talking so ta ta for now.

Hmmm… 503 words. Impressive.

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