Tuesday, 10 July 2007

St. Ives

I've just gotten back from St. Ives and what a lovely long weekend it was.

We set off early on Friday morning and Ken our Australian Tom-Tom tour guide helped us navigate our way 1.5 hours quicker than the RAC website. Well done Ken.

Friday afternoon was spent walking round the picturesque town of St. Ives, if you haven't been (Do) it's a pretty, quaint old place with a good mix of people, old retired folk and young surfer dude types. It also has amusing pikeys and a large number of resident artists. In the evening we found a quiet restaurant and had a lovely meal.

Saturday was spent getting various parts of our bodies burnt on one of St. Ives many pleasant beaches, we really didn't think it was going to be that sort of weather but we were lucky and it was only really horrid on the day we left. We ended up going to a posh restaurant called the Blue Fish. April was celebrating getting herself a new job so had some lobster. More pain than it was worth if you ask me. I had a big steaming pot of every bit of seafood going. All very good.

On Sunday we drove to the Eden Project, lots of plants and rain. We then drove back and spotted a cider farm. I screeched the breaks on the car and followed the signs. I've bought a nice big bottle for our bbq in a few weeks. Fish and chips was the order of the day for tea.

Monday was a quiet one, I attempted to catch crabs with some squid bait and April tried to disguise her red bits by getting a little more brown. Meanwhile I built a huge sand castle. Later on April went to a live drawing class and I was impressed with her work.

I got back a couple of hours ago and am tired now but all in all it was a great weekend away. Roll on Helsinki!!!



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