Monday, 30 July 2007

Weekend review

Wow, busy weekend!

Friday night was April’s gig, a really good night and quite a packed venue. It was Nigel, a friend from Lloyd’s first ever live gig (34 years old). He’s only recently had a cochlear implant operation and said it was excellent.

Saturday I went to Sundae in the Park, Ben and Jerry’s sponsored concert in Clapham Common. Free ice-cream all day and 6 decent bands, of note, the Rumble Strips, the Breaks and the Bees. We had tickets for the Sunday too where the Proclaimers were playing but had to move so gave it a miss.

It was a long day yesterday but by 8:50 last night I’d moved everything into my new flat and was sitting down with my feet up eating a Chinese takeaway and drinking a cold can of beer.

As usual, you always have more things than you think, but we managed to fit it all into a Volkswagen transit type van. April booked it through She hired a car through them mid-week to go shopping and heard that they also did vans. As you can hire them by the hour it was perfect. 4 till 9, will cost us around £35!

I’m pretty tired this morning and will look forward to finally getting home tonight but I’ve been roped into feeding Steve’s cats tonight so have to go all the way down to Wimbledon first. I may have a quick go on his wii whilst I’m there too.

All I have to do now is clean the rest of my flat and then wait to get my deposit, should get more or less the full £1,000. Cash flow’s going to be tight this month, but should be okay.

Current plan is to have another poker night round mine on the 1st Sept, (Ian, I know you can’t make it but will make the Eagles of Death Metal gig on the 31st). Kris do you think you can make the Saturday? I’ll send an e-mail round with details later today.

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