Saturday, 25 October 2008

Pumpkin madness

I bought a pumpkin today, a nice big fat one, a picture will shortly follow. Next to the pumpkin shelf there was a pumpkin carving kit. It was only £2 so I thought what the hell.

At the check in counter the poor girl got confused as she thought she needed permission for her supervisor to sell me orange juice. When the supervisor came over it turned out that it was for the pumpkin carving kit. Being under 18 she wasn't authorised to sell it to me.

Bloody hell! What self respecting hoodie would be seen dead trying to stab somebody with an orange pumpkin blade?


Anyway, here's April's handy work. Not bad eh?


  1. That is sooo funny; needing permission to buy a pumpkin kit! The skull effect looks pretty good. When you are done: Fry some chopped onions and some good curry paste, cube the pumpkin and add with chicken or veg stock. Simmer for about 20 mins till the pumpkin is soft then blitz to a smooth soup. Absolutely delishus!

  2. April spent a couple of hours carving it. The kit came with about 8 stencils to cut out then trace (score with a tiny pizza cutter (part of the kit)) onto the pumpkin.

    The skull had a 3 pumpkin out of 4 difficulty rating.