Friday, 17 October 2008

Cat Update: 2

The Clark-Parker household is now up to full compliment. April received two calls last night with the whereabouts of Biscuit.

One call was to say that she was in a neighbours garden the other was from a nice family who managed to entice her into their kitchen and kept them for us till we got back.

Thank you Tonbridge.

Other than hungry Biscuit seems fine, back to normal in fact. Poppet seems happier too. I think she really missed Biscuit.


  1. Good to hear.
    Something less to stress about/worry over.
    Are you still letting them out? Or are they grounded?

  2. Probably grounded for a week or so then let them out over a weekend when we're both in to supervise their activies.

    Other than the dreaded credit crunch that I keep being told about, i'm eelatively stress free...