Wednesday 22 October 2008

He, he, he...

Our pay slips have just been handed round so I took a look at how much i'll be getting on my first pay day (Monday). He, he, he!

The last month has been tough as i'd used up too many holidays up at the last place (pro-rata) so they took £400 off my final months salary. Coupled with that I also had to go to another wedding (2 nights in a hotel) plus I had the trip to Spain (which didn't turn out to be that expensive but it all adds up).

Anyway, he, he, he! This month i've been given an extra £1,200!!!! It should reduce next month as there are no pension contributions this month but he, he, he!

I will be a good boy and pay off a load of credit card debt, but as a special treat, i've told April she can buy a chest of drawers with some of it.

Credit Crunch? My arse!

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