Saturday 25 October 2008

First chink in the Mazda's armour

It wouldn't start this morning. The car turns over but not quite enough juice to start the engine. A drained battery perhaps??? But that totals the amount of knowledge that I know about cars. We opened the bonnet and couldn't even work out what part was the battery.

Luckily, we have a years warranty that came from the Mazda garage so someone will be round within the hour.

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  1. I walked into town whilst April sorted out the car. It was pretty good really the guy came within an hour and sorted us out.

    It was a flat battery, most of the trips we do are short, i.e. me picking up April from the station in the evenings so that could have been the cause.

    Note: The reason why we couldn't find the battery is because it's in the boot! Doh!