Monday, 27 July 2009

Harry Potter experience

I spotted a sign on the connecting road between the M25 and Tonbridge (A21) on Saturday.


It starts next weekend and i'm very curious to see how much of an experience it would be. I imagine it's going to be of the same standard as the Lapland experience that was panned last Christmas.

Harry Potter: I can see it being the poor son of a farmer with a bowl cut and a lightning scar drawn on his head with a marker pen.

Hagrid: There will be a tall guy who hasn't shaved for a few days from his local pub who's dressed up in a overcoat who's meant to be Hagrid.

Malfoy: A local yob with bleached blond hair.

Dumbledore: An old tramp, with a twig

I could continue, but I won't.

"Calling all Harry Potter fans! Dumbledore and Harry Potter look-a-likes will be visiting The Hop Farm on 8th and 9th August. Come dressed up in your best wizards outfit, have your photo taken with the characters or by the Weasleys' car, watch some close up magic, go on a treasure hunt and get up close and personal with an owl. If you can't make the weekend, don't worry as a Harry Potter look-a-like will be visiting from the 4th - 7th August, so come along and have your photo taken with him."

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