Monday 13 July 2009


Saturday afternoon was choc-o-bloc for us, we headed into London for 11 in the morning and headed straight to a modern art museum (what fun, April's idea), pretty weird ass if you ask me. The best part was the gift shop at the end where I bought a rubber ball for £2.50.

After that we had lunch at a Wagamama, i'm not sure if Oz Clark would have approved of our choice of lunch as afterwards we went to Vinopolis.

It was good fun and in around 3 hours we managed 11 * 25ml tastes of wine (5 normal, 4 rose, 2 premium), a gin cocktail, and for the brave (not me) two rums.

On the way to the museum I lost a coin toss with April and ended up having to go in the water fountain.

Don't worry, I hardly got wet, the fountain was on a timed switch so you could safely walk through when the jet was off. If i'd have designed the fountain, I would have designed it to be controlled manually. just as some fat tourist walked over the jet push the button. He , he!

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