Monday 27 July 2009

New Freezer

We went freezer shopping yesterday. I know, the life I lead and all that...

I've wanted one for a little while as despite having a large fridge which is more than enough for two people the freezer section is tiny. We cook a a fair bit of food at home and it would be nice to be able to freeze more of it so that when one of us is out the other can just heat up a nice meal without the pain of cooking. Also April takes a couple into work each week so that's a good saving too.

Anyway, we went to Curry's on Sunday and had a look around, it's amazing how much technology and gadgetry there is in fridge freezers these days. Our current fridge came with the house and has certainly seen better days but until that dies we won't be getting a new one but when we do I want one with an ice chipper. It's like a giant Mr Frosty!

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