Thursday 21 July 2016

Date night turned movie night

Our regular date night turned into a movie night last night and it was April's turn to choose.  After the first 5 of her films were not available on Netflix (must be something down to her taste in films) we settled down to watch Northern Soul.

My interest was perked when I saw that Steve Coogan was in it.  Unfortunately only for a couple of scenes.

It was good though, it was set up tut north back in the 70s so had a bit of Kes about it.  I quipped that they probably didn't need to make a set for half of the street scenes as they won't have changed much since they were originally built. Shithole then, shithole now.

The film is about a couple of lads trying to save enough money to go to America so that they can buy as yet unheard soul music to take back to the UK.  Not bad.

IMDB rating: 6.4 (2505 votes)
SC Rating: 6.9 (1 vote)
April rating: Probably about an 8 (1 vote)

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