Monday 25 July 2016

Stu Gardens (not quite as impressive as Kew)

After what has been far too long we've finally got round to getting people round to sort out the garden.  Or at least clear it up before the real work can start.  I did a good hour or so last Sunday but did not have much fun, With no exaggeration I was stung about 40 times by nettles and various other nastys plus it was 30C+ degrees outside so nearly died of that too.

2 guys for 3 hours this morning for £131.  I haven't seen their efforts yet (photos to follow when I get in tonight).  After that we're going to get people round to properly sort it once and for all.  I'm thinking big raised beds with low maintenance flowers / bushes and a newly laid lawn.  Fingers crossed we can get it all sorted out by the time I celebrate my 37th birthday (fuck me- i'm getting old) over the August bank holiday weekend.

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