Monday 18 July 2016

Ouch! That was pricey

We made an impromptu trip to our local cinema last night and it cost a bloody fortune.

There were rumblings in the not to distant past that Tonbridge was to get it's own cinema but that doesn't seem to be materialising any time soon so our closest is an Odeon on the outskirts of Tunbridge Wells.

2 Premier tickets cost us a total of £31.90, and when you add that to the cost of a couple of packets of chocolate, a large drink and a large popcorn it came to almost £45!


The film was fine though, Ghostbusters.  I gave it 6.3 / 10, April gave it 7 / 10.  It was funny in parts and good to see all the surviving cast show up for cameos with the notable exception of Rick Moranis.  Shame.

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