Monday 18 July 2016

10 year anniversary of the friend spreadsheet

Last week was the 10th anniversary of me starting up my 'Friends' spreadsheet.

For those not aware, I started keeping track of my friendship with various people I knew by scoring them a rating of 1 - 10 each week.  I now have 524 entries!

People have come and gone in this data set but there is a good core of 10+ that have been scored consistently over the past 10 years.  It also includes the occasional note as to why i've suddenly scored them a 6 when the previous week I gave them a 9.  All interesting reading i'm sure...

Why do I do it you ask?  I can't remember exactly why I started but I imagine it came out of me being annoyed with one or two people in the past.  Many people might think i'm not like this but i'm actually very forgiving in nature.  After the initial annoyance with any situation I generally revert back to my norm with most relationships within a day or two and tend not to think about it again.

Noticing this, I felt it was unfair on me and unfair on other friends that might want or deserve more of my attention by constantly forgiving people.  By keeping track of such things it's allowed me to use pseudo science to review certain friendships from time to time.  I haven't not stayed in touch with anyone due to this but have certainly pulled back on my interactions occasionally.

Before i'm judged too harshly on this, you all do it internally without knowing it, some are better at it than others.  It may even be unintentional, where you gradually over time lose touch with people that were once good friends.  But everybody does it.  I'm not unique, but out of all my friends I think i'm one of the few that consistently tries to stay in touch and to see what everyone else is up to.

Below are some of the your scores tracked over time

Current average score of the friends I track = 8.89 / 10 keep up the good work.  This is a high of 9.71 (Feb 16) and a low of 6.54 (July 2006). * This is only looking at the current live set of friends.

If you would like to know your own particular score please let me know and i'll arrange a time where we can have your appraisal...

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