Friday, 19 May 2017

Last stupid purchase

I've been thinking about getting a new tablet / laptop for the last few months now.  I finally splashed out and did it.

My laptop is 4.25 years old but still chugs along nicely due to it's beefy processor, certainly enough for my Football Manager addiction.  My tablet is still decent after nearly 3 years but unfortunately i've recently added an addition crack on the screen.  It still works fine for what I need it to do however which is a bit of internet surfing and watching movies on my commute.

Anyway.  Despite that, i've decided to splash out on one last silly purchase before our new arrival arrives in October.

I've bought myself a rather swish Surface Pro with a rather hefty price tag to boot.

This is just the beginning of what I can do with it...

Now the important part.  Try not to smash it.  My track record could be better as I've damaged my phone again, the camera glass smashed whilst on holiday.  It works fine but it does need fixing.  iSmash have quoted £30 so hopefully they can sort that out today.

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