Friday 9 June 2017

Some photos from election night (mostly morning), I was promised a bar!

Haggling over doubtful ballot papers with the womble

The count

I was dead important

Hilarious cock and ball drawings by the electorate

The view from above

Discussing wombles

5 mins before kickoff

Instruction for the Green party team

It's a big shame about the result (4.1% of the electorate, pretty much the same votes as in 2015) but i'm immensely proud of April for all her hard work and commitment to the cause.  Throughout the campaign she's received some lovely messages from local people, it's just a shame that some people vote blindly for who they've always votes for.

I guess it must be similar to suggesting that I should suddenly support for Manchester United or Chelsea.  However, there are more important things than bragging writes down the pub.  NHS, housing, the environment or relations with our friends in Europe, so people really should take a step back and think about actual policies (and how it may effect others not just themselves) before putting a cross in the conservative box (or a cock and balls for that matter).

I have experience of this first hand as I used to vote Tory.  What a twat.

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