Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Most pain ever

I had a physio appointment this morning as I hurt my hand playing rugby about 2 weeks ago.  I played on after the injury (of course) and ended up playing the next week too as they were very desperate. 

Anyway I spoke to my private health provider last week and they slotted me into a local (to work) place this morning.  I was greeted by a small Indian lady and did not expect the amount of pain I was about to experience.  Ow!

Thankfully she doesn't think that my hand is broken (April is especially happy with this as I may need to change a nappy or two soon), she thinks it's more likely to be a muscle injury.

Half an hour in she asked me if I was okay?  I said I was fine but felt sick and was sweating profusely.  I think it was probably the most pain i've experienced in such a short period of time.

How does my hand feel now?  The same.

I'm due back in two weeks.  Wish me luck that it sorts itself out before then so I can cancel the appointment.

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