Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Well that's a life changer

Apologies in advance, the next few posts will be mostly baby related.  I reserve the right to still post about the cats, just a little less than normal.

Well, that was fun... My little baby daughter was born on Monday last week, here's a photo of her when she was about 3 hours old.  Plenty more to come.  

Everything went well and we were home by Wednesday evening, we've been home for nearly a week now but are still someway off getting into any form of normality.  We've been out for a walk or two and popped into town for a coffee or meal everyday and so far so good she's been good as gold.

Sleep's been hard to come by as she doesn't really like sleeping at 2 in the morning and when it's my shift and i've ran out of expressed milk i'm almost redundant.  This morning I put her in the car seat and drove around Kent for an hour or so.  She seems to like it and fell to sleep almost immediately.  Unfortunately she piped up as soon as I got her home so then took her out for a long walk.  This was good until half an hour in where she started to cry again.  Urgh.  Time to wake up mummy for a feed.

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