Friday, 5 January 2018

Watdefu's review of 2017

Well, what a year 2017 was.  I don’t think there’s been a more eventful year in the 38 years I’ve been alive.


First and foremost I have to talk about the new addition to the Clark household.  No, we have not got a new cat or my preference a new dog.  We’ve gone and got ourselves a new baby!  Florence Joan Clark to be precise.

It’s been an amazing 3 months, a complete life changer.  But 100% in a good way.  I can’t think of a better feeling than her sleeping on top of me.  There are better feelings than her screaming her lungs out whilst covered in her own shit however…

Dad's 70th in Anglesey

In 2017 my Dad turned 70!  In honour of this the Clark clan travelled all the way up to sunny Anglesey for a week.  My brother got rear ended on the way up so had to head home to Worthing and swap cars first but other than that it was a great holiday.  We even managed to one of my Dad’s brothers and sisters down for the day.

I’ve spent over a year of my life in Rhosneigr as I used to go there for weeks on end during the summer holidays to visit my grandparents.  We also went there for many Christmases and other school holidays so it really added up.

The place has gone up in the world too.  IT’s actually got a few restaurants and a few semi decent pubs too!

Trojan award

I had a good season at Tonbridge Juddians with many people saying that it was the best they’d seen me play.  Not bad for someone that’s nearly 40.  I was playing in the 3rd team and we ended up winning the league!

I also won the Trojan award which is awarded to the Vet (over 35 years of age) player.  I think it was just my turn and usually results in retirement a couple of years later.

Speaking of retiring, I ruptured a tendon on my bicep in November and had to have an operation on my arm which could quite possibly mean I’ve played my last game.  I’ve played since I was about 6 so not bad going really.

I won’t be playing again this season but we will see how I get on with my rehab and I may venture out again in September (if I’m allowed…)

Tonbridge Jamboree

In June we saw the inaugural Tonbridge Jamboree, what an event that was.  We had tug of war, sprints and even wellie wanging.  Jamboree 2018’s date is already in the diary for June 23rd so make sure you’re free.


Who knows what 2018 has in store for us, watch this space to find out.

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