Sunday, 29 April 2018

4 weeks done, 16 or so left

I've been in Chicago for 4 weeks now, let's call it a month and it's been fun.


Very variable, it's been feel like -16 a few weeks ago, this week it's supposed to be 27.  43 degree swing in less than a month.  Crazy.


Very friendly, overly so?  Strangers do talk to you more in Chicago (USA), two times that accentuate this were once today and once a couple of weeks ago. 

A couple of weeks ago whilst I was walking past a large group of very young school kids getting led to a park with their carers a random chap slapped me on the back and asked me if they were all mine.  Very amusing but to touch a random stranger I found very weird, it wasn't a small tap, it was a proper nudge.  All fine but living and working in London for the past 15 years I found very strange.

Secondly, April has recently knitted Flo a little bonnet.  We went to grab some breakfast this morning and were stopped by pretty much every person we walked past to say how cute our baby was.  One highlight was somebody winding (electrically) down their window as they were stopped at lights to say the same.  Yesterday was just as bad when people saw Flo wearing a cubs top and baseball cap.

I find it strange but I also think it's nice

Service is great in USA, it really is. Is 20% too much to pay for that?  Not sure, I still need to know what you have to tip for and what not to.  It's tough when back in the UK when generally you don't have to tip other than in a restaurant or cab.


We've got friends visiting next week (Kris and Kirsty), the Penney's the week after which will be nice.  I've said before that i've not really had any conversations with anyone for quite a while (a month other than April), i've been e-mailing and whatsapping more than I have in the past but i'm no longer on Facebook so that may be me  taking up some of the slack.

Blogger has had a boost too.


Ben's been running a remote dungeons and dragons campaign for us since i've been away which has been fun.  It's a little bit of a challenge juggling Florence whilst rolling dice as she wants to join in but I appreciate the effort.  It's worked well so far, I hope we can keep it going as the few hours I get to play with my friends really helps keep me sane.

For those interested...  I am currently a level 2 high elf monk...


Who knows...

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