Friday, 1 June 2018

2 months down 3 to go

The 2 months we've been in Chicago has sailed by. I'm pretty much in a routine these days.

Get up when Flo wakes up
Fingers crossed April doesn't have to go in early
Oh shit. She does (again, I've checked, she's telling the truth...)
Get up
Feed Flo
Change Flo (probably should have done that at an earlier stage)
Go for a walk
Flo sleeps
Find somewhere suitable to relax for 5 minutes
Flo wakes up after 2 minutes
Feed Flo
Walk home
Feed Flo
Try to get Flo to sleep
Try to get Flo to sleep again...
Baby play
Lot of crying
Put Flo in a  baby carrier
Beg for April to come home early
Wait for response

But hey,  this sounds like I'm not enjoying myself. I am. There can't be many young fathers that get to share the majority of thier young child's life in such detail.

It's tough. I'm missing friends, things, things with friends.  Booze (20% of my usual intake)

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