Saturday 24 July 2021

Recognition at last

(12:30 mins in)

Loki Doki is probably my favourite Youtuber and i'm finally famous on his latest football manager save.  I've been following him for years and think he helped keep me more or less sane during my 6 months in Chicago looking after my 6 month year old daughter.  

In his latest save he started out with Basingstoke Town FC in a very lowly division, he officially linked with the real club (he did a similar thing with Fort William the previous year) and set up a just giving page to help them out financially (£11k).

As part of your donation, if you paid £50 or more you'd get a regen named after you.  A regen is a regenerated player in the youth team that's created within the game to take into account player retirements and to mirror real life scouting and youth team set up in clubs.  The only other rule was that the player had to have 4 star or more potential.  

It's now 2034 in his save and has managed to get the side up into the Championship.  Miraculously these are the first three players that have had 4 star or more potential, I guess it's taken him that long to get the clubs facilities inline with the rest of his constantly improving side (promotion after promotion).  I think there were 70+ people who were in the draw I was the lucky winner of the best new player!

He's only 15 and has a lot of learning to do but I could potentially be a proper player in his save game in years to come, that's if I don't get poached by one of the big boys.  Determination is one of the big factors here and at 15 / 20 there is a big chance.  Being Panamanian, I may even get some international caps!

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