Monday 19 July 2021

Week off

Just had a week off from work.

Shaheen and Kate came down and stayed over with their kids on Saturday, where we went to a Turkish restaurant for an early dinner followed by ice cream near by.  The kids surprisingly slept well considering how excited they were to share a room.

The next day we went to one of our favourite village pubs for sunday roast.  It involved leaving the cars and having a 3 mile walk which is fairly long for little legs.

Then the official holiday started.  We took the kids to Kent Life, Mereworth tap room, went swimming, and went to a zoo.  After 3 days with the kids we decided we needed a break too so off they went back to nursery.  We were paying for it anyway so thought may as well.  

On Thursday we went to the Curlew, a sister restaurant of the Small Holding in Kildown.  £220 later (lighter) and with only one of us drinking (April), we left.  We had a little trip around Westerham, after getting lost trying to find the Westerham Brewery.  

On Friday we went for a long dog walk in the sun with a pub lunch in the middle.  The day ended with an improptu trip to the castle lawn for a couple of beers with some potential new friends and their kid Louy who Flo's taken quite a shine to.

Saturday we had Steve and his family over where we took Arwen and his dog Bobla for a walk followed by a nearby pub lunch.  We then went round friends late afternoon for wine and pizza whilst Flo and their daughter played in the paddling pool.

Sunday we went round Bedgebury park, with the kids and the dog but it was a bit too hot, we set up the paddling pool in the garden when we got back but I mostly stayed inside.  It was a bit much for some and there were some frayed tempers but we survived...

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