Monday 29 April 2024

20th anniversary of the Blog

 Today is the 20th anniversary of me writing this blog.  It was originally on a platform called LiveJournal but I moved it to Blogger back in 2008.

What's the point of me writing this blog?  I hear nobody shout.

Other than my mild OCD tendencies it's actually come in fairly useful at times.  My memory is pretty shit these days and I have written about or more likely taken a photo of most of the interesting things that i've done in my life.


887,104 page views (mostly from bots)

6,615 posts

2024 is predicted to be my most prolific year

August is most popular month for blogging

Will I keep it going for another 20 years?  Who knows?  I might not actually be around... Let's hope i've managed to retire by then though.

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