Tuesday 30 April 2024

Re-joined the gym today

 I quit back in August / September last year as my net income after tax, pension, expenses etc. wasn't quite high enough to give me enough to pay for all my sunk cost plus the play money I need to help me be me.  

I'm due to leave my current place at the end of the month and in theory will be earning a lot more (net) so have joined again.  My theory is that if I go at least once a week for a month I will save enough money to pay for it by not going to the pub at lunch time.

If I drop the kids off at school at their normal time at 7:30, I can head straight to the gym (nearby), do a few hours in the gym then walk the dog at lunch time instead.  That will keep me out of the pub and should get a little healthier and lose a bit of weight. 

I've a few audible credits to spend so need some entertainment whilst working out. Any suggestions?

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