Wednesday 27 June 2007

Another year, another flat.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking over the past couple of weeks and have decided that I don’t want to renew my lease at Mercury Mansions.

The are two main reasons,

a) I would have to live with a stranger and I’ve grown out of doing that
b) We would effectively be subletting our flat and if we were unable to find someone before August we would have to find the £1000 deposit on the room and pay the first months rent.

I think that’s a lot of risk to take on with a stranger. The rent is high so you’re not going to get a dreg of society but you just never know. Imagine me moving into your house…

Also as the rent and bills are high there will be less chance of finding someone due to the fact that they are less likely to need a flatshare which puts more enthuses on option b.

I spoke to Becky about it and she understands my decision but she’s really not interested in the hassle of moving flats again so has decided to move back to Colchester until she can find a place to buy.

This of course means that I will have to find a place on my own. I’m actually quite excited about it all as I do like my own space from time to time. I’ve got a lot more friends in London since the last time I lived on my own and of course I now have April to keep me company (and force me to keep it clean).

The question is where to live though.

Zone two is important as I have effectively already paid for a zone two rail pass with work. It’s probably not that difficult to change but I’d still like to be close.

South West is where I’d like to live as that’s where April, Steve and my rugby club is. This will save me a load of hassle getting around plus it’s much nicer this way.

The problem with all this is that living on your own is not cheap, especially where I am now. Having a quick look on-line yesterday 1 bedrooms start at £900 and they’re no way near as nice as my current place. But I think I’d struggle finding somewhere as nice as that anyway.

Do I want to go for another studio? If it was the same / similar layout to my previous place then I’d actually be quite happy. But it’s finding somewhere in the month I have left that could prove tricky. April’s volunteered to help me out so I’m sure we’ll get somewhere good.

Anyway… wish me luck, I imagine I’ll have a house warming around my birthday (31st August) so bring your sleeping bags!

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