Sunday 17 June 2007


Yesterday was pretty good. It was one of April's flatmate's (Abby) birthdays. We met them in a bar called Gigalum where the manager was a complete arse, then we headed towards Balham were we went to a pub called The George.

I really liked the George, huge cavernous ceilings and loads of comfy leather chairs. There must have been 30+ of her friends there.

There was also a pool table where the lads played killer. Needless to say that I was the first out!!! I'd obviously passed my peek of 2.5 pints. I'm actually not that bad and kindly laid up some nice shots for the guy Steve behind me.

Thankfully we left at around 9 as the drinks were starting to get a little silly. I was in a round with a couple of others and our last two drinks were a turbo shandy and a snakebite and black.

After that we got a cab back to mine watched the end of Hot Fuzz (again) and tucked into a take away curry.

I can highly recommend it!

I was planning on going to Greenwich today as Harriet has a stall on Greenwich Market and we were going to take a look. But I really fancy a day of doing very little and April was unconscious till 11:30...

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