Tuesday 19 June 2007

How stupid do people think people are?

From : child benefit
Sent : 19 June 2007 15:02:36
To : kelvinleo@yahoo.com
Subject : Child Benefit And Income Support

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Child Benefit And Income Support

Child Benefit Office (GB)
PO Box 1
NE88 1AA
Tel: 079080452325/Textphone: 07852432168

Good day,
From the table of the Child Benefit management in conjunction with the Income Support office, we noticed that for a very long time now you’ve not applied for the Child benefit/income support which you have the right to apply for. We decided to send you this message so as to remind you to apply as soon as possible.
Remember on no condition should you give out your details or information (online) to any organization or corporate bodies. We do not wish to have your details online for your convenience.
For further enquiries please call………………
Or email us at cbismail@yahoo.co.uk
Pls note: This message is for those who have the right to apply for the Income support and Child benefit only.

Thanks for your support to your right of Benefit.

WARNING: Do not reply back to this mail, contact the above phone numbers and email address.

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