Friday, 8 June 2007

Long time no post

First of all, apologies to my hoards of on-line fans for having not written about my exciting life for so long. I’ll bet that some of you are suffering from some quite severe cold turkey.

Well, where shall I begin…?

Friday was our 6 month anniversary so as a show of commitment I missed the England versus Brazil game, England’s first game at the new home of football. It was worth it though. April treated me to one of the best meals ever. It was an exclusive French restaurant in Covent Garden called the Clos Maggiore

I had rabbit for starter and lamb for main. I think given the option, you have to go for the cutest animals on the menu. April had pigeon with foie gra and a delicious cod fillet with snails for main. I even tried half of one. There’s really no need.

Despite my pleading April paid for the lot so I paid for some lovely pink champagne, a big tub of ice cream and the cab ride home.

Saturday we were up early as we were off to Bristol to visit John and Ros. We got there at around two and I proceeded to show April round all the wonderful sites of Bristol. Mostly pubs and bars that I have had the privilege of getting drunk in. We tried to find one (Coronation Tap) but I missed the turning so ended up walking round Clifton aimlessly before giving up and heading back down to the centre to meet up with the others.

We went to a nice restaurant on waterfront overlooking the marina where I used to live then we went back to John’s for the night. It’s good to see his top dog Ben is still going well. He’s a big fury bear of an animal but gentle as his name suggests. He’s 12 now so very old for a big dog. Luckily John’s fiancé Ros is now a qualified vet so he’ll get the best treatment available. They’ve also got a young puppy pointer called Meg (too lively, jumpy and clawy for my liking), Morpheous the cat and two rabbits.

Sunday was spent wandering the streets round Bath and sitting in cafes and tea houses eating scones and drinking surprise surprise tea.

April had to get back as she was playing another gig over in West London, a Finnegan’s Wake in Ealing. I was shattered but willing to go to support April but thankfully she thought the thought of me whinging all night about being tired was worse than going alone, let me go straight back to Putney.

Monday was a good break from the norm, I went to Birmingham (Aston uni) with my boss to interview 10 students for 3 placement openings we’ve got down here. All good fun. Finished early on the Monday so went to The Mailbox, it was right on the Grand Union Canal! A little further north than we will be but got me in the mood. After a few beers we had a great curry in the centre somewhere.

Wednesday was the England game. I can’t say I watched much of it but it was a good night anyway. The Cheshire Cheese by Tower Bridge, grotty pub but cheap and we had a corner of the upstairs bit. I was there with probably 20 of my old Lloyd’s buddies too so a good night was had by all.

That’ll be all for now. Just leaving you with a few highlights to look forward to before my next post.

I’m off to Spain tomorrow for my boss’s 40th birthday. Playing golf and mostly getting drunk and sun burnt will be the order of the day. Fly back Monday.

Ta ta for now…

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