Monday, 22 September 2008

SC Movie Review 23

Death Sentence

An senior guy in insurance (Kevin Bacon) stops at a gas (petrol) station with his son late one night and a group of thugs end up killing him, to initiate one of their members into the gang.

Finding out that this killing was just so that he could get into a gang, in court Bacon claims that it was too dark and couldn't be sure. The thug walks free. Later that night Bacon takes his revenge. The dead gang member turns out to be the gang leader's younger brother. The gang then takes their revenge on Bacon's family. Bacon then takes his revenge on the gang.

Pretty crap story but the action sequences kept me and the cats entertained. One highlight has to be the return of John Goodman who plays the local arms dealer and also happens to be the gang leader's Dad.

IMdb Rating: 6.9 / (20171 votes)
SC Rating: 62 /100 (1 vote)
Cats Rating: 2 meows (2 votes)

I also watched the Tenacious D film. Apart from a couple of poor bits, the film was generally good, and made me laugh out load quite a few times. Best scene: Jack Black trying to get past the laser beams protecting the Pick of Destiny. SC Rating: 78 /10 (1 vote)


  1. The guy's an actuary!

  2. Ha, ha. Is that the film you were on about. I didn't think it was that bad a film.