Wednesday, 10 September 2008


Finally got back from my medical (just off Harley Street), it took over 2 hours!

Not because of the shear multitude of tests but because they were rubbish...

-The original appointment was put back to 9:30
-The nurse was then 15 minutes late
-I wasn't sent the forms and questionnaires before hand so before I could do anything I had to fill them in.
-I was about to get on the tube when I received a call calling me back to the medical centre as I was also booked in to see the doctor.
-I had to wait another 30 mins

I have 20/20 vision (I had it checked 6 years ago and it was 19/20, result!)
Normal hearing
Didn't have to do the cough test
I weigh 95 kg (oops! Muscle weighs more than fat...) Beafcake!!!
The process for testing blood and urine is worse than that of an Olympic athlete
I had a high blood pressure reading which I need to get checked out

No surprise though given all the crap I had to go though before hand. I was borderline high the last time I had it measured so i'll get it looked at over the next week or so.

Saying all that. I did get to have the vast majority of the morning off and after my imposed fasting (6 hours) and non alcohol for 72 hours i'm off to the pub for a game of pool with some work friends.

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