Wednesday 17 September 2008

New Members of the family

The Clark-Parker household now has two new additions. We’ve gone and bought ourselves two senior cats. Roxy and Brandy.
And before anybody else says it, yes, they do sound like a couple of strippers (thanks Steve), that is why we’re going to change their names. My current preferences are Cheeky and Bumface. April isn’t so sure but I’m sure she’ll succumb.

I e-mailed a few local cat centres and the first that got back to me was one over in Medway. This has proven to be an emotional nightmare. The other two have since gotten back to me, both with a couple of equally loving cats waiting to get re-homed. Poor little buggers.

The lady was very nice, if a little batty, but so would you if you were looking after 100+ cats for the RSPCA. The weird thing was that she wasn’t in an out of town centre, it was her house and her back garden! 19 in the house, 20 odd in 4 separate blocks.

Poor little things. It makes me really sad why people can’t just get the things neutered. This is a small cattery in a small town and it has 100 cats. Each town will have one or more similar, that’s a lot of cats that are unwanted.

Anyway, we’ve now got two. The lady said they were becoming a bit withdrawn as they had been re-homed a couple of times, old lady dieing and a family having to move into rented accommodation. She opened the cage and they were fine. A little timid but that’s only to be expected.

After bleeping them out with a hand held scanner she but them in the biggest cat box I’ve ever seen. I almost had to leave April there as there’s not a great deal of room in the MX5.

When we let them out they began exploring. They were quiet at first but towards the end of the night they were making themselves at home, scratching the carpet and jumping around the place. Not bad for a couple of 7 year olds.

Roxy (Bumface)
Brandy (Cheeky)

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