Tuesday 9 September 2008

Best Man Speech update 1

I'm now approaching 1,500 words which I think is enough. A few paragraphs need re-wordings and a little bit of tweaking but it's pretty much there. April's read most of it so I can now blame her if it doesn't go down well.

Other than that all I need to do is get it printed and trimmed onto some nice card. Luckily i'm in the marketing and communications team at work so we have all of that kind of useful kit here.

I've paid £10 to get access to this site

Other than the joke below, the speech is 95% my own but it has come in handy for structure and ideas.

One question though, should I include this joke?

Being asked to be the best man is like making love to the Queen Mother……
It’d be a great honour,
But nobody really wants to do it! ...

I'm quite happy with the joke but since she's died it makes it a little out of date, what do you think?


  1. You could change it to Prince Philip. Or maybe Camilla Parker Bowles.

  2. I might swap it for Camilla...