Wednesday 13 May 2009

Either I need to change shirt shop or I need to blunt my elbows

I've just noticed that another one of my work shirts has a bloody hole in on the elbow. I think the previous one was Austin Reed too. I've got a load of cheap M&S ones and I don't think they've ever worn through.


  1. Didnt your parents ever teach you to keep your elbows off the table?

    A's Dad

  2. Finer fabrics don't last as well as heavier weight ones...although they are usually much more comfortable to pay your money and make your choice

  3. Four new shirts from Austin Reed for £100, i'll keep you all posted regarding my shirt elbow situation.

    I'm now conscious of my elbow resting technique so hopefully it’ll correct itself…

    I've also got a 'Workstation Assessment' session tomorrow so I may ask his opinion on wear and tear in the office environment.