Thursday 28 May 2009


As I was getting into my car to head off to rugby last night my neighbours collared me. They'd found Biscuit's collar (it's designed to come off if it gets snagged), it must have fell off in the week.

It turns out Biscuit's round there all the time. They even had the cheek to let her in their house one night whilst we were away as she was wet and looked hungry...

Firstly, we were only gone for the weekend and had a friend round there each day to top up their food and give them a stroke. Cats are independent animals and am sure they were pleased of the peace and quiet.

Secondly who do they think they are? Biscuit's on a diet so I imagine she would pester them for food, as she does with us every time we go into the kitchen. Does that mean they fed her?

Thirdly, it's her own stupid fault if she got wet as she must have been standing out in the rain.

In addition they asked about when the fence was getting fixed (part of it blew down a month ago). She didn't say it in a nice way (or that's how I interpreted it), she said it in a way to make sure we were getting it done. The handyman should finally be fixing it this weekend, I told her and she informed me that it was a long time...

At the time I didn't think much of it but in hindsight, there was more too it. Piss off! Their cards are marked...

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