Monday 18 May 2009


We flew back to England last night after another great weekend away in Spain. My friend's parent's apartment is great. It's like you're more or less staying in a fancy hotel without the room service, although our lovely girlfriends did keep us refreshed each night with a constant flow of beer whilst sitting in the hot tub...

We flew there on Thursday morning and met up with my friend from Uni and his wife, they were there a few hours before us so managed to hire us a 7 seater Volkswagen for the weekend. I brought my sat nav but it didn't know the address of the flat so almost pointless but I printed a handful of maps so after a little to and throwing we made it to the apartment. We stopped off at a huge supermarket on the way to pick up supplies (beer and meat).

The first thing we did when we arrived was turn on the hot tub and cracked open some beers. this is the life. We then stoked up the bbq and chilled out. The hot tub took longer than expected to warm up but being brits we sat in it anyway.

Friday, we went for a little swim, then headed into Puerto Banus to look at some fancy cars, shops and even fancier yachts. We then went to the beach for a bit of a swim and some sun bathing. We then went back to the flat for some more beer, bbq and hot tub action.

On Saturday we had 45 mins on the driving range (i'm still sore now), followed by lunch at the pool, followed by trip into town again and then watched some football. We then went to a pirate ship themed bar for cocktails before heading back to the apartment for pizza, more beer and more hot tub.

We went on the driving range again on Sunday morning, we had lunch at the pool again then had to drive back to the airport.

In all it was a really chilled weekend and I have no doubt i'll be going again, that is if Peter lets us...

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