Saturday, 23 May 2009


Last night was pretty good. I got home at around 6 and finally watched the Starwars cartoon, not that bad really. I then watched an episode of Firefly and then watched Shaft. The new one with Samuel L Jackson. Again, not as bad as I thought it'd be.

I was supposed to be heading to Bristol today to meet up with some old uni mates but my bed for the night fell through and hotels looked too expensive at such late notice. So i've decided to give it a miss. Shame as it would have been good to see a few of the guys. I'm sure we'll sort something out for later in the summer.

Instead we went for a drive in the country to pick up a sewing machine for April, we popped into a farm shop on the way back and bought loads of goodies. I've also washed the car, a bit of gardening and some cleaning. Just about enough time to have a nice hot bath before heading out into Tonbridge for some fancy Indian food.

Tomorrow, i'll head back up to Corby to see Ross, watch the footy and have some beers.

Monday, I may have a mixed roast. Chicken, beef, pork and lamb! Hmm, all the food groups.

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