Wednesday 27 July 2011

New hobby

Seeing as seems to be slowing down in its output I need to find my own idiots

Scroll to the bottom where the comments are and use the sort options to sort by lowest and highest rated.

Lowest Rated (they needed to check on the internet if 26 was prime)

• Oh dear. Another attempt to convince us that 'mathematics is the language of nature'. Makes you wonder how anything in the universe got done until we came along and started counting things, right?

And another thing... if these cicadas respawn every 13 years to avoid predators, what happens in another 13 years? That's 26 years in total. I've checked on the internet, and 26 isn't a prime number.

Highest Rating (calling someone an idiot)

"Would I be correct in assuming then, that I am the first person to recognise that the two prime numbers are, in fact 1 & the 617 digit number in question?"

No you wouldn't, because 1 is not a prime number. Best to check before you assume anything.

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