Friday, 29 July 2011


Stuck at work till 7pm today.  I'm the only one that knows how to submit our results to Lloyd's and some of our figures for a Lloyd's return wasn't ready.  In other submission news I submitted head office's finance risk return today.  No thanks to our finance team.  Bloody idiots.  I've asked them for more info to complete the return but until 4:10 today I heard very little back so as I couldn't hang around much more submitted my version.  with less than an hour to go I got a call from finance telling me that they'd been working on it all day.  I told him that it was too late and i'd submitted it anyway.  The guy had the cheek to have a go at me.  I had a go back and I beat him back down.  Idiot.  There's no way I could have used his results with that amount of time left as there was loads to do mapping it all to the final template.

On top of that i'm involved in a major project for our CEO, they're looking at ways to improve one of my syndicates.

Now I imagine head office will come back to me on Monday with a list of amendments.  Great...  I'm off for nearly a week on Thursday so someone else can pick it up.  Rant over.  April's due into Tonbridge at 9:15, straight from work so both of us are under the cosh right now.  Boo.

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